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Picture a world in which the concept of colour simply does not exist. No distractions and never hypnotized by the unreal shape of things. It makes room for a different and unusual perception. Approaching and composing in a different way. It leads to a unique form of artistic inspiration. The hidden photogenic world opens up.

Paul Verhagen is gifted with this `odd` perception in it`s most natural way.

Paul Verhagen is a self-taught, 100% colour-blind, photographer. Paul has an eye-condition called `Achromatopsia`. Apart from being colour-blind his eyes are extremely sensitive to light. On top of that he has only 15% eyesight left. How odd for such one, to become a Photographer!

He was born in 1972, and is based in the city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Paul Verhagen works on a freelance base. Also producing full-colour pictures on request.