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Roadburn, a little blog from an in-house photographer

This year will be my 8th edition of Roadburn! "The World's leading underground festival for psychedelic, avant-garde, doom or any other variation of leftfield sonic pleasures that puch the boundaries of music". That is a mouthful isn't it? I can assure you; It really is! It was

Sharing words – a visually impaired photographer

A while ago I was asked to share some words on being a visually impaired photographer. The odd thing about this little presentation was the crowd I had to speak to. They all had the same eye-condition as I am having; Achromatopsia! Every year there

Ready for take-off

Holy guacamole, this guy Prosper Thaels is awesome! He's an absolute master in creating websites. I owe this whole new 'Home of Photography' to him and I'm very grateful and extremely happy with it! Now it's up to me to give you updates on all