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Roadburn, a little blog from an in-house photographer

Roadburn, a little blog from an in-house photographer

This year will be my¬†8th edition of Roadburn! “The World’s leading underground festival for psychedelic, avant-garde, doom or any other variation of leftfield sonic pleasures that puch the boundaries of music”. That is a mouthful isn’t it? I can assure you; It really is!

It was after my 2009 edition that Walter ‘Mr. Roadburn’ Hoeijmakers (Artistic Director) noticed the pictures I took (for a long-lost webzine). He contacted me and told me the pics really stood out. By that time the Roadburn-blood already pounded my veins heavily, but this compliment got things ignited into inferno.

Since that first edition I got totally addicted to this festival, it’s sound, it’s people and it’s atmosphere. I became a crew-member; an ‘in-house photographer’. In 2014 I got my own huge (10 x 7 feet each) photo-exhibition during the fest. And, during the years, I did a lot of press-photography for Roadburn on which I’m proud of. Not to speak about my contribution of the daily magazine; ‘Weirdo Canyon Dispatch’. Where I feel very humble to work with some ace journalists from around the world.

This year also, I will make a few photo-contributions to the fest. I can’t give much details on it yet. But, my pictures will find there way to the crowd, the exact moment the crowd will find their ways through the fest. (…And I’ve got another thing going on too…)

Roadburn is a way of life. And it’s a privilege to be a small part of that family!

Here’s an impression of my 2014 exhibition: